Effects of SPT Equipment and Procedures on the Design of Shallow Foundations on Sand
The effect on our computations of bearing capacity and settlement of shallow foundations suggests that as more efficient SPT hammers and procedures are used, our shallow foundation designs...

Evaluating Activated Sludge Secondary Clarifier Performance: A Protocol
To establish a consistent methodology for evaluating secondary clarifier performance, the ASCE Clarifier Research Technical Committee prepared procedural guidelines in the form of a draft...

Sludge Hopper Design for Activated Sludge Clarifiers
Only in the past few years has any attention been allocated to the transport characteristics of sludge collectors. However, no attention has been given to a design rationale for the sludge...

A Computer-Controlled, Precision Pressure Standard
The operating principles as well as the technical aspects of the implementation of a precision pressure standard are presented here. The instrument can have dual use: either as a pressure...

Design and Execution of Hydrodynamic Field Data Collection using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling Equipment
Proposed major changes to the navigation channel depth in the Cape Fear River prompted an investigation of the existing hydrodynamics of the river system. The observed data are to be used...

Large-Stone Aggregate-Modified Asphalt Mixes

The Dredging Research Program Technical Area 3

A Method for Rock Dredging Performance Forecasting

Shoals System Capabilities for Hydrographic Surveying

Dredging Equipment, Methods and Contracts

Constructing Beneficial Use Dredged Material Projects

Tonnes Dry Solids Reviewed

One Mans View of Dredging Equipment 2020

Developments in Dredges during the last decade

The Stump - A New Dimension in Dredging

An Update on Dredge Instrumentation and Automation

Plans, Design, and Construction of a 100-Hectare Intertidal Demonstration Marsh Using Large-Scale Cutter Head Dredging Equipment in Galveston Bay, Texas

Water Injection Dredging in the United States

A Sea Turtle Deflecting Hopper Dredge Draghead

On the Snow-Plough Effect when Cutting Water Saturated Sand with Inclined Straight Blades





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