Stand Alone Variable Speed Constant Frequency Generators

Runner's Hydraulic Passage and Blade Geometry Recovery

Retrofit Ultra High Speed Centrifuge Separation Oil Purification System for a Large Oil Volume Multiunit Hydroelectric Station Application

Friction-Based Energy Dissipation Unit for Circuit Breaker

Power Systems After the Northridge Earthquake: Emergency Operations and Changes in Seismic Equipment Specifications, Practice, and System Configuration

Communications Lifeline Performance in the Northridge Earthquake

Evaluation of Retrievable Microtunneling System

New Tools for Site Materials Handling and Layout Control

A Framework for Evaluating Level of Service at Electronic Toll Collection Plazas

Electrical Considerations of a Variable Speed Project

Machine Condition Monitoring

Statistical Analysis to Test the Influence of Flexibility on Construction Processes

Executive Development for Equipment Managers

Automated Labor and Equipment Card (ALEC)

IVHS Applications to Commercial Vehicle Safety

Performance of Telecommunications Facilities in the January 17, 1994 Northridge, California, Earthquake

Passive Protection Devices for High-Voltage Equipment: Design Procedures and Performance Evaluation

High Voltage Electric Substation Performance in Earthquakes

Onika: A Multilevel Human-Machine Interface for Real-Time Sensor-Based Systems

Developing Plans for Robotic Excavators
We would like a robot excavator that is able to excavate a volume of soil according to specification. To this end we have developed a general method that can be used to provide prescriptions...





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