Making Watershed Management Work for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

Seismic Guidelines for Ports
Seismic Guidelines for Ports was prepared by the Ports Committee of the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of the American...

Monitoring and Modeling Ground Water Behavior in Sandy Beaches as a Basis for Improved Models of Swash Zone Sediment Transport

San Francisco's Mission Bay Area Project: Balancing Land Development and Transportation

Quantification and Analysis of Transportation System Accessibility

On the Allocation of Census Data to Traffic Analysis Zones for Travel Demand Forecasting

Intermodal Management System: Evaluation of Florida's Pilot Project

How Can Transit-Oriented Design Help To Solve Suburbia's Transportation Woes?

Improving Regional Mobility Through Transit Integration

Transit Ridership Forecasting Using a GIS

Transportation Plan Information Management System

An Intermodal Transportation Planning Decision Suppport & Visualization System

Exploiting Parcel-Level GIS for Land Use Modeling

Development of a Land Use Database for an Integrated Land Use and Transportation Model

Incorporating Yellow-Page Databases in GIS-Based Transportation Models

The Ability of Modeling Tools to Assess VMT Reductions from Land Use Policies and Strategies

The Development of Integrated Land Use–Transport Models in Oregon

Aesthetic Aspect of Urban Stormwater Management System Design

Development of an Electronic Knowledge Base to Facilitate Industrial Pollution Prevention Efforts in Egypt

Retrofitting an Urban Watershed—From Concept to Reality





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