Seismic Qualification and Fragility Testing of Porcelain Transformer Bushings

Electric System Seismic Mitigation

Partnerships for Regional Lifeline Earthquake Mitigation

Multi-Hazard Analysis of Utility Lifeline Systems

Catastrophic Risk Financing and Multi-Hazard Study for BC Hydro

Structural Performance Testing of Composite-Jacketed Bridge Columns under Cyclic Loading

Fire Code Compliance and Life Safety for the New South Pole Station

South Pole Station New Power Plant Case Study

Loose-Bed Issues in River-Ice Hydraulics

Rain-on-Snow Surcharge for Roof Design

Reliability Analysis of Electric Distribution Systems

Ice and the Wire Systems of a Transmission Line

Innovative Airborne Inventory and Inspection Technology for Electric Power Line Condition Assessments in Remote Areas and Cold Climates

Extreme Event Loading and Cascading Failure Risk Assessment for Electric Power Lines

Structural Design for Physical Security
State of the Practice
Prepared by the Task Committee on Structural Design for Physical Security of ASCE. This report provides guidance to structural engineers in the design...

Load Rating and Permit Review Using Load and Resistance Factor Philosophy

Seismic Performance of Tuned Mass Dampers in Reducing the Response of Structures on Soft Soil Medium

Title Transfer of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Projects: Fact or Fiction
(No paper) The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) has constructed hundreds of water storage and delivery projects throughout the 17 western United States. These projects vary in...

Improvement of Fragilities for Electrical Substation Equipment

The Basis for the Fatigue-Evaluation Methodology in the Proposed Manual for Condition Evaluation and Load and Resistance Factor Rating of Highway Bridges





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