Seismic Performance Evaluation of Substation Structures

Policy and General Technical Issues Related to Mitigating Seismic Seismic Effects on Electric Power and Communication Systems

Flow Resistance: Friction or Energy

Robustness of De Saint Venant Equations for Simulating Unsteady Flows

Design of Artificial Riffles using RMA-2V Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Model

Estimating Flow Resistance in Vegetated Channels

Flow Resistance and Energy Dissipation in Skimming Flow Over Stepped Spillways

Determination of Leakage to Groundwater from Irrigation Canals

Northridge Earthquake
Lifeline Performance and Post-Earthquake Response
This monograph describes the earthquake performance, emergency response, and recovery for the following lifeline systems: electric power, water, wastewater communications, roads and bridges,...

Investigation of 3-D Nonlinear Seismic Performance of Pile-Supported Structures

BPT-SPT Correlations for Evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance in Gravelly Soils

Electrical Considerations of a Variable Speed Project

Improved Design Specifications for Horizontally Curved Steel-Girder Highway Bridges

Probabilistic Codified Design for Wood Construction Serviceability Considerations

A Fuzzy Logic Model for Automated Decision Making of Pavement Maintenance Management

Design Considerations and Field Load Tests of A Helical Anchoring System for Foundation Renovation

Calculation of Flow Resistance for River Channel Restoration

Manning's N from an Extended Rainfall-Runoff Data Set on a Concrete Surface

High Voltage Electric Substation Performance in Earthquakes

Waterpower '95
This proceedings contains the papers presented at the Waterpower '95 conference held in San Francisco, California, July 25-28, 1995. The conference brought together owners,...





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