Transportation Package Thermal and Shielding Response to a Regulatory Fire

The Dalles Dam Juvenile Bypass Electrical Systems

Advanced Pumped Storage Creates New Transmission Capacity on Existing Conductors

The Mt. Hope Waterpower Porject: A Pumped Storage Facility that Enhances the Environment While Supplying On-Demand Electrical Needs

Medium Voltage Breaker Rehabilitation: A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Replacement, Retrofit and Interrupter Technology Options

Generator Circuit Breaker Retrofit

The Excitation System—Heart of an AC Generator

Application Aspects of the Static Frequency Converter System in Pumped Storage Power Plants

Replacement of the Static Frequency Converter Starting Equipment at the Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant

Belleville Powerhouse Electrical Systems and Controls

Dinorwig Power Station Generator Motor Stators—The Development of Tooling for Stator Rewedging with the Rotor in Situ

Optimization of Mechanical Behaviour of Hydro Generator Stator Cores Due to Buckling Effects

Stand Alone Variable Speed Constant Frequency Generators

Water Management for Hydroelectric Power Generation at Matera and Kidatu in Tanzania

An Application of the Fourier Series in the Analysis of Waterhammer in pumped Storage Plant

Seismic Assessment of Buried Pipelines

Reliability Analysis of a Dual Use Fire Protection/Reclaimed Water System, San Francisco, CA

Seismic Evaluation and Improvement Program for a Major Water System

Friction-Based Energy Dissipation Unit for Circuit Breaker

Seismic Reliability Assessment of Electric Power Systems





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