Development of the New ASCE-SFPE Standard for Structural Design for Fire Conditions

United States Model for Code Development in an International Context

Fire Safety Engineering Design in UK and Europe

Fatigue Resistance of Various Longitudinal Weld Joints

Performance of Masonry Structures in the Northridge, California Earthquake of January 17, 1994

Development of Probability-Based Fatigue Resistance of Advanced Composite Material-to-Concrete Bonds

Experimental Verification of Truss Models for R/C Corner Connections

Notional Load Approach for In-Plane Column Strength in Unbraced Frames

Simplified K Factors for Stiffness Controlled Designs

Waterfilm Flow Depth and Hydraulic Resistance From Runoff Experiments on Portland Cement Concrete Surfaces

Configurational Forces and Coherent Phase-Transition Fronts in Thermo-electro-elastic Solids

Fractal Dimension of Granular Materials and Their Engineering Properties

Micromechanical Modeling of Electromagnetic Composite of Piezoelectric and Piezomagnetic Phases

Plane-Strain Response of a Hybrid Composite Plate Having Piezothermoelastic Layers

Nonlinear Magnetothermoelastic Waves in Perfect Conductors

Enhanced Damping of Composite-Wrapped Concrete Columns

A Tool But Not a Crutch: Using Design Software in an Undergraduate Structural Steel Course

Bridge Design Software Development for the AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Design Specifications

Calculation of Inertial Force, Shear Force and Frictional Resistance of Unsteady Flow in a Tidal Marsh Slough

An Expert System for the Preliminary Design of Earthquake Resistant Buildings





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