Structural Analysis for the Seismic Retrofit of The San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge

Seismic and Dynamic Analysis and Design Considerations for High Level Nuclear Waste Repositories
This committee report was created to fulfill two primary objectives: 1) to provide guidance for assessing and defining the dynamic loads that must be considered in the design of a repository...

Resistance of High Alumina and Portland Cement to H2SO4

A Nine Pipe Jacked Crossing of I-93 in Downtown Boston

Longitudinal Shear Resistance of Composite Slabs - To a Better Understanding of the Physical Behaviour

The Shear Resistance of Headed Studs Used with Profiled Steel Sheeting

Bond in Thin Gauge Steel Concrete Composite Structures

Hydropower's Role in a Competitive Electricity Supply Market

Analysis of Raccoon Mountain Generator Overheating

How Much Can You Cut Out of Your Generator and Still Operate?

A Digital Synchronizer/Governor

Improving Performance of Generator Coolers

Development of a Rating System for the Selection of Greaseless Bushings

Hydro Power Monitoring (HPM) - The HPM Concept - An Integrated Machinery Condition Monitoring System for Large Hydro Machinery Applications

Addressing the Costs of Public Benefits: Ensuring a Place for Hydroelectric Power in a Restructured Competitive Electric Industry

Risk Assessment of Two Water Conveyance Systems of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Hydro Generator Insulation Improvements through Extended Use of Corona Resistant Materials

A Simple Model of Gravel-Bed Roughness

Resistance to Flow Through Riparian Wetlands

Effect of Bedload Movement on Flow Resistance





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