Active Vibration Control of Machine Foundation

Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Technology
International Experience
This Committee report, Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Technology: International Experience, was prepared by the Task Committee on Pumped Storage,...

Discharge Measurements and Predictions in Wetlands
Existing procedures used to estimate discharge in wetland environments are evaluated. Suggestions are made for possible improved methodologies based on field investigation. Suggestions...

Results of Field Evaluations of the New Modular Inclined Fish Diversion Screen
The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has developed and biologically evaluated a new type of fish diversion screen known as the Modular Inclined Screen (MIS). The MIS is designed...

Flood Control in the Brazilian Electric System Reservoirs at Parana River Basin
This paper describes the experience of the Brazilian Electric System in flood control at Parana River basin, and presents the factors that required the consideration of flood impacts in...

External Inspection of an Ocean Outfall
In October and December, 1994, an external inspection was performed on the County Sanitation Districts of Orange County's (Districts) ocean outfall. This presentation describes...

Getting Wet with Metric
Conversion from what is now the American system of units to the SI system of units is a dry subject at best. In the water resources area, however, a rather complete immersion is going...

Optical Fiber Sensors for Advanced Civil Structures

The Resonance Drives with Adaptive Control

Real Time Positioning and Equipment Control for Hostile Environments

Integration of CAD Drawings and Construction Robot Motion Controllers

A Neural Network Impedance Learning Control Model for a Robotic Excavator

Adaptive Self-Tuning Control of Excavators

Controlled Excavation Along a Prescribed Path

Radiation Hardening of Robotic Control Components Against Terrestrial Radiation

Mobile Robots for Security

Interactive Lessons for Instrumentation and Control

The Pre-Planning Phase and the Use of Multipurpose Construction Equipment in Pipeline Crossings

Process Models in Enterprise Engineering - Tools for Enhancing Process Description

Space Planning Tools for Multi-Story Construction





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