Cooling and Uprate Analysis of Hydro Generators

Generator Field Pole Structural Analysis and Testing

Upgrading Hydroelectric Generator Protection Using Digital Technology

Waterpower '97
This proceedings consists of papers presented at the Waterpower '97 specialty conference. This international conference on hydropower was held in Atlanta, Georgia, August...

Performance Evaluations and Incentive Programs for Estimators and Project Managers in Electrical Construction

Ocean Wave-Powered Desalination

White Paper on Sustainable Development and Industrial Ecology; IEEE Environment, Health and Safety Committee

Applicability of Superpave to the Design of Airfield Asphalt Pavements

Fatigue Evaluations in Steel Bridges Using Field Monitoring Equipment

Optimal Unit Commitment Scheduling in Hydropower Systems

Design Tools for Public Cars Transportation Systems

A Model for the Design and Control of Urban Electric Traction Systems

EMC Issues in Electric Railway Traction Systems

Advanced Control Systems for Integrated Transportation by LIM Devices

Computer Modelling and Simulation for High Speed Railway Applications

A Flexible Machine-Vision System for Traffic Monitoring Applications

Outage Probability in Mobile Radio Communications in a Three-Dimensional Space

Technology Standards and Deployment of Advanced Transportation Technologies: A Comparative Case Study of Electronic Toll and Traffic Management (ETTM) in the United States and France

The Role of Petri Nets Modelling in the Safety Assessment Process for Guided Transport Systems

Vision Technique for Platoon Driving





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