Ocean Wave-Powered Desalination

Optimal Unit Commitment Scheduling in Hydropower Systems

Ability of Muddy Debris to Remain Mobile at Low Flow Rates

Design Tools for Public Cars Transportation Systems

A Model for the Design and Control of Urban Electric Traction Systems

EMC Issues in Electric Railway Traction Systems

Advanced Control Systems for Integrated Transportation by LIM Devices

Computer Modelling and Simulation for High Speed Railway Applications

Outage Probability in Mobile Radio Communications in a Three-Dimensional Space

Vision Technique for Platoon Driving

Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Technology
International Experience
This Committee report, Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Technology: International Experience, was prepared by the Task Committee on Pumped Storage,...

Bayesian Decision Analysis for Contaminant Travel Time

Results of Field Evaluations of the New Modular Inclined Fish Diversion Screen
The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has developed and biologically evaluated a new type of fish diversion screen known as the Modular Inclined Screen (MIS). The MIS is designed...

Infiltration Properties at Two Sites in the Konza Prairie
The spatial variability of soil hydraulic properties that govern infiltration were investigated at a pristine site and an agricultural site in the Konza Prairie Research Area of east-central...

On Conductivity of Soils with Preferential Flow Paths
Laboratory soil column experiments were conducted to study the distribution of preferential flow paths resulting from removal of colloidal size clay particles. These experiments specifically...

Flood Control in the Brazilian Electric System Reservoirs at Parana River Basin
This paper describes the experience of the Brazilian Electric System in flood control at Parana River basin, and presents the factors that required the consideration of flood impacts in...

Geostatistical Simulation, Parameter Development and Property Scaling for GWTT-95

Probabilistic Modeling of Radiation Damage in Charge-Coupled Devices

Comparisons of Site Characterization Methods Using Mixed Data

The Use of Direct Push Technologies in Expedited Site Characterization





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