Sand-Box Experiments of Seepage into an Auger Hole in a Confined Aquifer

Effects of Intrinsic Permeability, System Flux, and Initial Saturation on Wetting Front Instabilities in Three-Dimensional Infiltration Systems

Hydraulic Resistance Exerted on Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Droplets Moving Through Saturated Porous Media

Prefabricated Vertical Drains Zone of Influence Under Vacuum in Clayey Soil

Electrophoresis: Innovative Technique to Repair Leaking Impoundments

The Future of the Electrical Contracting Industry

Performance Evaluation Criteria Development for Electrical Craftsmen

Empowerment of the Field Project Manager

Peer Evaluation: The Electrical Contractor's Roundtable

Common Industry Peer Groups

Space Planning for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Trades in Multi-story Building Construction

Yale Hydroproject Upgrade

Electric Power Systems
This section discusses major components and subsystems of electric power systems. Also present is a guide for performing a post-earthquake investigation of electric power facilities, including...

Power-Generating Dams: Lifelines
This section provides an overview of power generating dams, including major components and subsystems. Also present are general post-earthquake investigation procedures for dams....

Electrical Features - Duke's Hydro Upgrade Program

Cooling and Uprate Analysis of Hydro Generators

Generator Field Pole Structural Analysis and Testing

Upgrading Hydroelectric Generator Protection Using Digital Technology

Waterpower '97
This proceedings consists of papers presented at the Waterpower '97 specialty conference. This international conference on hydropower was held in Atlanta, Georgia, August...

Performance Evaluations and Incentive Programs for Estimators and Project Managers in Electrical Construction





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