Hydraulic Properties of a Fine-Grained Soil Under Various Capillary Pressures and Loadings

Potential Flow Solution for Ground Water Mounding

Hydraulic Conductivity of Landfill Liners Containing Benzyltriethylammonium-Bentonite

Design of Landfill Drainage Systems

Assessment of Impacts Associated with Alternate Cooling System Designs for an Electric Power Station

Analysis of Soil-Air Permeability and Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity for Remedial System Design

Facilitating Technology for Electric Power Generation

Estimation of Chemical Grout Void Filling by Electrical Resistivity

Principles of Ground Modification with Electromagnetic Waves

Electrokinetic Soil Processing (A Review of the State of the Art)

Design of an Intermediate-Scale Experiment to Validate Unsaturated-Zone Transport Models

Power Sources for Lunar Bases
Working and living on the Moon requires artificial power sources both to operate equipment and to maintain life. This paper briefly surveys the power sources designed or proposed to support...

Design Concepts for a Lunar Electric Power System
This paper discusses the results of ongoing research and the evaluation of various concepts for transmission, distribution and utilization of electric power for a lunar liquid oxygen plant....

A Mars 1 Watt Vortex Wind Energy Machine
Ever since Viking I and II landed on the surface of Mars in the summer of 1976, man has yearned to go back. But before man sets foot upon the surface of Mars, unmanned missions such as...

INTERLUNE Concept for Helium-3 Fusion Development
Many considerations suggest that in the 21st Century, deuterium/helium-3 (D-3He) fusion will be the electricity generation system of choice to replace...

Lunar He-3 Mining: Improvements on the Design of the UW Mark II Lunar Miner
One of the minor consituents of the solar wind which has been implanted in the lunar regolith over its several billion year history, is helium 3 (He-3), a rare isotope of helium which...

Principles of Control for Robotic Excavation
Excavation can be considered one of the most unstructured problems in the construction environment. On one hand, many technologies have been developed in the past to build shelters using...

Assessment of a SSF Servicing Facility
Evolution options for a servicing facility at Space Station Freedom (SSF) are currently being studied. While many choices exist, one promising idea is an enclosed facility or hangar which...

Metallized Microballoon EMI Shielding Materials
The number of applications requiring shielding against electro-magnetic interference (EMI) is growing. Materials that are lightweight, and formable need to be developed for shielding against...

Lunar-Based System to Supply Power to Earth: Summary of Concept, Benefits, and Development
The Lunar Power System (LPS) is described, references are given to other published work, and possibilities for demonstrating LPS are outlined. Analyses indicate that LPS can provide inexpensive...





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