Gradient Effects on Measured Hydraulic Conductivity

Properties of a Natural Clay Used to Contain Liquid Wastes

Calcium Bentonite, Cement, Slag, and Fly Ash as Slurry Wall Materials

Dynamic Underground Stripping to Remediate a Deep Hydrocarbon Spill

Flushing of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons from Soil Using SDS Surfactant

One-Dimensional Experimental Studies on Electrophoresis of Clay

Laboratory Assessment of EDB Removal from Soil By Flushing

Expert Guide for Overhead Power Lines at EDF

Configurational Forces and Coherent Phase-Transition Fronts in Thermo-electro-elastic Solids

Micromechanical Modeling of Electromagnetic Composite of Piezoelectric and Piezomagnetic Phases

Plane-Strain Response of a Hybrid Composite Plate Having Piezothermoelastic Layers

Nonlinear Magnetothermoelastic Waves in Perfect Conductors

A Simple Procedure for Estimating the Effective Conductivity of a Two-Dimensional Saturated or Partly-Saturated Fracture Network

Numerical and Physical Testing of Upscaling Techniques for Constitutive Properties

Biofilm Barriers: A New Concept for Waste Containment

Cover Systems for Managing Hazardous Waste

The Dalles Dam Juvenile Bypass Electrical Systems

Advanced Pumped Storage Creates New Transmission Capacity on Existing Conductors

The Mt. Hope Waterpower Porject: A Pumped Storage Facility that Enhances the Environment While Supplying On-Demand Electrical Needs

Medium Voltage Breaker Rehabilitation: A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Replacement, Retrofit and Interrupter Technology Options





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