Model Study of Elastic - Plastic Pile Foundation

Computational Aspects of Dynamic Stability of Elastoplastic Shells

Creep Crack Growth in a Ring Specimen

Yield Surface of Orthotropic Plates

Buckling of Plastic Tubes under Cyclic Bending

Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Material with Uniaxial Symmetric Tresca Yield Condition and Cyclic Loading

Elasto-Plastic Material Models

Implementation of a General Plasticity Model

Elasto-Plastic Settlement of Rigid Footings
A simple method of estimating elasto-plastic settlement of circular or annular centrally loaded footings is presented. The method incorporates the elasto-plastic behavior manifested through...

Hysteresis Models for Reinforced Concrete
Nonlinear dynamic response of a simple reinforced concrete specimen is studied using five different hysteresis models: the Takeda, elasto-plastic, bilinear, Clough, and the Q-hyst model....

Elastic and Plastic Strain Properties of Sand
This paper describes the results of tests using conventional triaxial apparatus with loading and unloading, on samples of medium sand with two different unit weights. The method is used...

Collapse Loads of Laced Columns
The imperfection sensitivity of laced columns is investigated, the imperfection consisting of both a local and an overall geometrical imperfections. A simple numerical method is given...

Elasto-Plastic Stress-Strain Model for Sand

Stochastic Analysis of Elasto-Plastic Systems
A new approximate and simple technique is presented for predicting the response of elasto-plastic type yielding systems under stationary random excitation. The total response is spilt...

Predictions of Stress-Strain Behavior for Ottawa Sand

A Critical State Model for Predicting the Behavior of Clays

Elasto-Plastic Stress-Strain Model for Sand

Deflection Bounding at Shakedown
A realistic assessment of the safety of structures subjected to variable loading requires, in addition to a shakedown analysis, the evolution of certain important quantities at shakedown....

Yield of Circular Weld Joining Elastic Plates
The connection considered is created by a thin layer of adhesive distributed over a circular region. The connection joins two plates of elastic-perfectly plastic material that are subjected...

Compaction of Dry or Fluid-Filled Porous Materials
Constitutive relations are developed for mechanical response of dry or fluid-saturated porous materials beyond the linear range. The main emphasis is on hydrostatic loading and unloading...





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