System Identification of Earth Dams Using Seismic Records
A technique to identify the elasto-plastic dynamic properties of earth dams and, therefore to asses the capabilities and limitation of their models, is developed. The technique is based...

Sensitivity Analysis of Nonlinear Fem
A method of sensitivity analysis is developed for nonlinear structural systems which are governed by incremental finite element equations. The formulation originates in the perturbation...

Microcomputer Applications in the Design of Soil-Steel Structures

Practical Analysis of Flexibly-Connected Building Frames
Modeling of flexible connection behavior as elastic-perfectly plastic is proposed for analysis of building frames, and results based on this idealization are compared with fully non-linear...

Elasticity and Plasticity of Concrete under Principal Stress Rotation

Applicability of Smeared Type Reinforced Concrete Model Based upon Anisotropic Constitutive Law

Avoiding Cracks in Brickwork
Many aspects of movement and differential movement have been discussed. However, other movements and effects of movement that have not been discussed may also affect the performance of...

Development of a Rate Dependent Plasticity Model

Forced-Vibration Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems with Damping

A Bounding Surface Plasticity Model for Anisotropic Clays

Stability Behavior of Uniformly Loaded Flexible Bars of Elasto-Plastic Materials

Finite Element Linear and Nonlinear Transient Response Analysis of Frame Structures

Optimal Design of Skeletal Structures under Service and Ultimate Constraints

Elasto-Plastic Modelling of the Strength of a Rolled Section Under Local Compression

Mechanical Behavior of Constrained Concrete

Equivalent Grid Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Plates

Elastic-Viscoplastic Thin Shell Analysis

Performance of Three Soil Models for a Clay

Collapse of Long, Non-Circular, Cylindrical Shells Under Pure Bending

Elasto-Plastic Response of Plates to Blast Load





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