A Stochastic Model for Elastic-Plastic Fracture of Cracked Pipes

Boolean Modeling and Analysis of Smart Material Properties

Elasto-Plastic Response of Deep Foundations and Soil for Ship Impact Loading; Apalachicola River Bridge, Florida

Further Developments on the Multicrack Model for Concrete

Effective ELastoplastic Behavior of Two-Phase Ductile Matrix Composites: Micromechanics and Computational Aspects

A Cohesive Zone Model for Cracks Terminating at a Bimaterial Interface

Elastoplastic Bifurcation in Cosserat Continua

Constitutive Singularities of Combined Elastic Degradation and Plasticity

A Soil-Structure Interactive Model

Criterion for Predicting Failure of Corroded Linepipe

Transfer Matrix Technique and Pipe Structural Analysis

Buried Pipelines in Large Fault Movements

Classification of Semi-Rigid Connections Based on the Elastic-Plastic Mechanical Behavior of Frames

Steady-State Analysis of Buckle Propagation
A novel finite element technique for the analysis of buckle propagation in pipelines is presented. The propagation pressure, propagation profile, the state of stress, and deformation during...

Response of Truss Structures Subjected to Dynamic Loads During Member Failure
The paper presents a method for and results from an investigation of the response of a truss structure during the chain reaction of its member failure while subjected to external static...

Elasto - Plastic Analysis of Cable Net Structures
This paper presents a Newton-Raphson interaction technique which takes account of plastic cable strains while iterating on the nodal equilibrium equations of cable net structures. The...

Elasto-Plastic Buckling Design for Shallow Cylindrical Shells under External Pressure
Pressures providing elastic-plastic buckling conditions for thin shallow cylindrical shell panels are presented. Classical simple support boundary conditions have been adopted for the...

Settlement Prediction of Spread Footing Based on Laboratory Test Results

Predictions of Footing Tests Sponsored by the FHWA Using a Strain Hardening Elastoplastic Constitutive Model

Fracture Mechanics and Plasticity in Saturated Clay





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