Behaviour of Light Structures Founded on Soil `Crust' over Liquefied Ground

Surface Motion Above an Arbitrarily Shaped Tunnel Due to Elastic SH Waves

Nonlinear Seismic Effective Stress: Dam-Foundation Interaction

Remediation of Embankment Liquefiable Foundation by Densification

Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction: New Evidence and Emerging Issues

Analyses of Damaged and Undamaged Pile Foundations in Liquefied Soils During the 1995 Kobe Earthquake

Verification of Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction

Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Coupled Seismic Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Large Diameter Pile Foundations for the Bay Bridge

Geotechnical-Earthquake Engineering Design of Charles River Bridges in Boston

Impedances of Underwater Rigid Square Foundations

Experimental Inversion for Lateral-Rocking Impedance Matrix

Nonlinear Stiffnesses of Abutments on Spread Footings for Seismic Design and Retrofit

Lateral Statnamic Load Testing and Analysis of a Pile Group

Design of Pile Foundations in Liquefied Soils

Performance-Based Seismic Evaluation of Bridge Foundations

Environmental Design Factors for Concrete Pressure Pipe

Large Diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe Bedding Design and Installation in Adverse Soil Conditions

Preparing for Pier A
Earthquakes, oil wells, contamination and unstable soil were among the challenges engineers faced as they prepared a site at California's port of Long Beach for the Pier A...

Shallow Insulated Foundation Failure Due to Frost Action: Case Study





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