Inelastic Critical Loads by Eigenvalue Analysis

Wave Motion over a Multiple-Plate Breakwater

Statistical Simulation for Parameter-Importance in Stanford Computer Model on Water Resources

Linear Stability of Incompressible Fluid Flow Using Finite Element Method

Eigenvalue Simulation of Aquifers and River Interaction for Conjunctive Use

Variability Response Functions for Random Eigenvalue Problems

A Probabilistic Formulation of Damage Detection

Analysis of Eigenvalue Variability for 2D Stochastic Structural Systems Using Variability Response Functions

High-rise Telecommunication Tower with a Square Cross-section, Peculiarities Concerning Wind Forces and Construction

Constitutive Singularities of Combined Elastic Degradation and Plasticity

Effect of Temperature Change on Active Control of Nonlinear Piezothermoelectric Plates

Three-Dimensional Behaviour of a Multiple Bar System

Properties in Sensitivity Coefficients of Framed Structures
This paper presents a special relationship among sensitivity coefficients of static response, natural frequency and mode. The relationship is that the sum of sensitivity coefficients in...

Linking Design Data with Knowledge-Based Construction Systems

Computation of the Least Eigenvalue on a Memory-Sharing Multiprocessor Computer

Optimal Discretization of Random Fields for SFEM
A new method for discretization of random fields (representation in terms of random variables) is introduced based on the principle of optimal linear estimation theory. The method is more...

Pseudo-Simulation Method for Stochastic Problems
A new numerical method for problems of stochastic mechanics and other areas involving a small number of random parameters is presented. It is analogous to the Monte-Carlo simulation method...

A Coordinate Reduction Technique With Mass Correction for Dynamic Analysis of Structural Systems
A more accurate technique which can be applied for reducing the order of system matrices when employing the finite element method (FEM) is presented. Unlike traditional reduction techniques,...

Probabilistic Rotordynamics Analysis Using an Adaptive Importance Sampling Method
A methodology is developed to compute the probability of instability of a rotor system that can be represented by a system of second-order ordindary linear differential equations. The...

Critical Buckling Load Statistics of an Uncertain Column
The objective of this paper is to examine the statistics of the buckling load of a column with uncertain material properties. The elastic modulus is assumed to be a random process that...





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