Khufu and Kukulcán
The pyramids built by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt - especially the magnificent tomb of the fourth Dynasty's Khufu, or Cheops - have prompted extensive inquiry through the...

Tunneling beneath Cairo
The second phase of the Greater Cairo Metro system in Egypt included many geotechnical challenges. Thirteen kilometers of the 19-km heavy rail line were constructed underground within...

Evaluation of the Siltation Processes in the Navigation Channel of the Damietta Harbour at the Northeastern Nile Delta Coast of Egypt

Program Management B.C.
Through a process of forensic analysis that applied modern-day technology to bridge the chasm of time, a team of construction managers with the international architecture/engineering/construction...

Geotechnical Challenges Faced on Line 2 of the Greater Cairo Metro System

Development of an Electronic Knowledge Base to Facilitate Industrial Pollution Prevention Efforts in Egypt

Design and Construction of the First Bored Tunnel Under the Nile River

Installation of a Flexible Pipeline Irrigation System in Egypt

Aquifer Storage in Southern Sinai

Summary of These Olde Pyramids Presentation

Mortality and Morbidity Patterns Associated with the October 12, 1992 Egypt Earthquake

On Housing Administration and Legislation of Egypt

A Decision Support System for the High Aswan Dam

Comparison Between Different Reliability Techniques to Calculate the Standard Deviation of the Predicted Traffic: A Case Study from Egypt

Old Aswan Dam
Egypt's Aswan Dam is almost 100 years old, and engineers performed tests of the masonry, conducting petrographic and chemical analyses. The High and Aswan Dam Authority of...

Challenges and Opportunities in Egypt's Integrated Water Resources Strategy
Egypt's Nile irrigation system is a very complicated, old operated, continuously expanding system. It may be also described as a highly productive irrigated agriculture system....

Upper Mississippi River System Environmental Management Program (EMP)
Introduction The Upper Mississippi River Navigation System (UMRNS) is one of the largest Public Works projects existing within the continental United States of America. The system, which...

Pyramid Power
The pyramids of Giza in Egypt were built with limestone from nearby quarries, not concrete as some have theorized. The three main pyramids of Giza mark a highpoint of pyramid building...

The Recharging Effects of the New Aswan Dam Lake on the Ground Water Aquifers

Management of Sedimentation and Degradation Problems of the Nile River in Egypt





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