Design/Construction Integration through Multimedia Animation

CAD and Visualization in Architectural Design Education - A View from Germany

Just-In-Time Training on E-Mail

Utilizing Information Technologies to Better Educate Engineers of Tomorrow

Multimedia-Based Instruction of Building Construction

Computing in Civil Engineering
This proceedings consist of papers presented at the Third Congress on Computing in Civil Engineering held in Anaheim, California, June 17-19, 1996. The proceedings covers advanced computing...

Are There Benefits to Continuing Professional Development?
This paper was selected as the Mead student paper winner for 1996. The author defended the position that continuing professional development should be a priority for all engineers and...

The World's Oldest Civil Engineering Professor

Civil Engineering Education: An Historical Perspective

State Engineers as Policymakers: Apolitical Experts in a Federalist System

How to Make Our Heroes—Their Heroes

The Elements of Academic Research
Students and graduate students who are beginning to do research often have many difficult questions and concerns. This book is designed to give a comprehensive, reader-friendly overview...

Does ASCE Have a Responsibility to Mandate Continuing Education?
This paper won the Mead award for a paper by a younger member of ASCE. He notes that there is an exponential explosion of technology and knowledge and that more demands and higher expectations...

Highlights of Project Management
One of the most important persons in an A/E organization is the PM. There may be one or many, but they are the lifeblood of the firm. How are PMs trained, or are they? What directions...

The 1993 LRFD Specification

Logic Programming for Structural Engineering: An Introduction and Overview

The Science of Water
The Foundation of Modern Hydraulics
The Science of Water, in a single volume, comprises 2,300 years worth of information on the evolution of hydraulic science. The book details...

Executive Development for Equipment Managers

Educational and Research Issues on the Road to Integrated Water Resources Management

Capstone Course with a Writing Twist





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