Minnesota Intelligent Transportation Systems' Laboratory

Intelligent Transportation Education
The comprehensive traffic surveillance study for the New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) began in late September 1993. The project involved the study of available traffic management...

Classroom Simulation of Public Involvement in H.L.W. Issues Featuring STS Concepts

Best Management Practices and Community Education
The 1987 Water Quality Act requires the permitting of municipal separate storm sewer systems and the reduction by permittees of the discharge of pollutants in stormwater to the maximum...

Engineering Education for Appropriate Technology
Few appropriate technology programs offer an engineering-based curriculum. The Drexel University program is rare in that it combines a solid engineering degree with a broad-based supplement...

Education and Research Needs for Appropriate Technology
Appropriate technology and sustainable development are inextricably interrelated and the engineering profession is increasingly realizing that greater care must be given to taking these...

Professional Associations Offer Design Resources for Civil Engineers
A civil engineer is trained academically and professionally to meet the challenges and solve the problems of ever expanding world populations. With an increased demand for civil engineers...

Hydrologic Modeling System
The Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) is new-generation software for precipitation-runoff simulation that will supersede the Hydrologic Engineering Centefs HEC-l program. Technical...

Partnerships for Diversity in Water Resources Education
Environmental industry partnerships for education offer excellent opportunities to leverage public investments and actions to attack three linked problems: underrepresentation of women...

The International Walking Machine Decathlon: A Design Competition to Enhance Undergraduate Engineering Education

Insect Robots: Case Studies for Teaching Students About Design of Computer-Aided Experimentation

Multi-Site Cross-Disciplinary A/E/C Project Based Learning

Computer-Based Undergraduate Integrated Civil Engineering Curricula at WPI

WWW and Multimedia in Undergraduate Civil Engineering

CELL - A Vertically Integrated Learning Resource

Harnessing the Internet for Civil Engineering Course Delivery

Trial Applications of Multimedia Instructional Aids in a Building Construction Curriculum

A Distributed Engineering Problem Generator

GIS and CAD-based Design Software in CE Education

Architectural Anatomy: Interdisciplinary Multimedia Tools for Building Analysis and Design





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