Turbulence Modelling of Secondary Tide Induced Circulation in Rectangular Harbours

Oscillatory Shallow-Water Flow Around a Conical Headland

Numerical Modelling of Solute Transport in a Compound Channel

Extension and Validation of the MAC3D Numerical Model for Applications Involving Bubble Diffusers

Modeling of Sediment Dynamics at River Diversions

Suspended Sediment Concentration Affected by Organized Motion Near Vegetation Zone

Horizontal Structure of Flood Flow with Dense Vegetation Clusters Along Main Channel Banks

Study on Incipient Motion of Bed Material with a Wide Size Distribution

Thermal-Saline Jets with Reversing Buoyancy

Lateral Dimensions of Sand-Silt Channels in Dynamic Equilibrium

Dynamic-Stochastic Model of River Basins

Numerical Solution of Water Flow in the Unsaturated Zone Using a Dynamic Programming Method

Lagrangian Analysis of Dispersion in Porous Media by Means of Three-Dimensional Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Hydraulic Resistance Exerted on Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Droplets Moving Through Saturated Porous Media

Abrasion/Erosion in Stilling Basins

Simulation of Dynamic River Ice Transport and Jamming

Solution of the Saint Venant Equations Through the Use of Riemann Based Methods

Numerical Simulation of Large Eddy Structure in Hydraulic Jump

3D Numerical Modelling of Sediment Deposition and Bed Changes in a Tunnel-Type Sand Trap

The Analysis of Rotor-Stator Interaction Phenomena in a Pump-Turbine





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