System Dynamics and Modified Cumulant Neglect Closure Schemes

An Analysis of Characteristics of Basset Force on Particles Accelerating in Arbitrary Flow Field
In present study of solid-liquid two phase flow, the effect of Basset force on a particle moving unsteadily in a non-uniform flow is not very clear. For this reason, the properties of...

Use of Neural Networks for Fluid Resistance Prediction

A Complete Three Dimensional Analysis of Pressures on a Vertical Cylinder by Earthquakes Including Fluid-Structure Interaction

Dynamic Response Analysis of High Arch Dam-Water-Foundation System

The Influence of Turbulence Closure Strategy on Numerical Modeling of Shallow Water Tides

Response of Building Systems with Rocking Piers and Flexible Diaphragms

Computational Aspects of Dynamic Concrete Viscoplasticity

A Review of Dynamic Behavior of Sector Plates and Curved Bridge Decks

Three-Dimensional Moving Contact Line for an Accelerating Vertical Cylinder

The Importance of Maintaining Smooth Airport Pavements

Rational Design and Operation of Packed Bed Adsorption Reactors
Design of packed bed adsorption reactors is based presently upon the parameter empty bed contact time (EBCT), a fallacious concept. The column wave front behavior, instead, should be the...

Comparison of Static and Dynamic Test Results for Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Highly Saline Permafrost

Simulation of Suspended Particles Transport in the Entrance Region of Tube Flow

Pulsatile Flow Circuitry for Dynamic Study of a Volume Plethysmograph

Experimental Study of Steady and Pulsatile Flows in Models of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Dynamic Response of Cantilever Retaining Walls

In-Situ Dynamic Response of Cantilever Walls

Computational Modeling of Fluid Dynamics in Aortopulmonary Shunts: Comparison to In Vitro Studies

Dynamic Through-the Soil Interaction of Adjacent Surface or Buried Structures





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