A Behavior Oriented Model for the Evaluation of Long-Term Lagoon-Coastal Dynamic Interaction Along the Po River Delta

Comparing Static and Dynamic Transportation Models

Operational Modeling System with Dynamic-Wave Routing

Probability Modeling of Surf Zone and Swash Dynamics

A Numerical Model of Low Frequency Wave Motion on a Beach and over Reefs

Wave Motion over a Multiple-Plate Breakwater

Wave Effects on Inner Shelf Wind Drag Coefficients

Wave Impact Pressures and Aeration at a Breakwater

Large-Eddy Computation of Horizontal Fluidized Bed by a New Multiphase LES

Introduction to Discrete Signals and Inverse Problems in Civil Engineering
This introductory book presents procedures for the analysis of signals and the characterization of systems in civil engineering. The two main topics of this book are at the core of several...

Modeling Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics of Tampa Bay During Summer of 1991

Control of Multi-Dimensional Wave Motion in Shallow Water

Morphodynamic Responses to Extratropical Meteorological Forcing on the Inner Shelf of the Middle Atlantic Bight: Wind Waves, Currents, and Suspended Sediment Transport

An Analysis of Grid Convergence for the Dynamic Grid Adaptation Technique Applied to the Propagation of Internal Waves

Dynamic: A Queuing-Based Dynamic Macroscopic Traffic Assignment/Simulation Model

A Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for User to Choose the Optimal Route

A Projection Algorithm for the Dynamic Network Equilibrium Problem

A Study on Dynamic System Optimum Traffic Assignment

An Application of Genetic Algorithm for Solving Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model

Dynamic Prediction of Traffic Flow by Using Backpropagation Neural Network





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