Management of Mangrove Forest for Coastal Wetland Restoration

River Restoration and Near-Channel Gravel Mining

Scaling Issues in Artificial Neural Network Modeling and Forecasting of Algal Bloom Dynamics

Environmental Concerns and Hydrologic Disasters

The Water-Saving Role of the Straw Mulching Farmland in Semi-Arid and Arid Areas

Eco-Environmental Constraints to Rice Irrigation

Environmental Impact Analysis and Fuzziness Aspects

A Risk-Based Approach for a National Assessment

Uncertainties Associated with the Preliminary Ecological Risk Assessment Process: Case Study

Beyond Whale Watching-the Future of Ecotourism

Managing Marine Wildlife and Eco-Visitors at Año Nuevo State Reserve

Marine Protected Areas, Ecosystem Management, and Ocean Governance: Making Pieces of Different Puzzles Fit Together (without a Hammer)

California Underwater Parks and Reserves Planning and Management

Cooperative Management of the State's Marine Ecological Reserves: Preliminary Evidence from Big Creek

Shifting Baselines and the Problem of Reduced Expectations in Nearshore Fisheries

Closing the Loop on Natural Resources: Governance Lessons from the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project

Goal Oriented Marine Reserves: A Zoogeographic Approach

Technical and Human Issues in GIS Data Integration: The Tijuana River Watershed Project

Marine Fishery Refugia and Coastal Fishery Management

The Potential of Marine Reserves to Enhance Fisheries





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