Ecological Engineering and Artificial Recharge at Groot Berkheide

Behavior of Phosphate in Eutrophic Surface Water Upon Artificial Recharge in the Western Netherlands

Natural Systems for Treating Wastewater: A Viable Upgrade for a Small STP

Triumphant Arches
This year's Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award of Merit goes to the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge in Tennessee, the first precast concrete segmental arch bridge...

Hydropower and the Environment: A Case Study at Glen Canyon Dam

Monitoring the Effects of Sewage Sludge on a Pasture Ecosystem Grazed by Sheep in South-eastern Australia - Prelininary Results

Modeling of Sedimentation Processes in a Bottomland Hardwood Wetland

Design Considerations for Ecosystem Restoration

Past, Present, and Future of Water and Wastewater

A Floating Solution to Environmental Problems in Airport Siteing: A New Concept

Journal of Infrastructure Systems
The “Journal of Infrastructure Systems” publishes cross-disciplinary papers about managing, sustaining, enhancing, and transforming civil infrastructure systems. Papers are expected to contribute new knowledge...

The Potential for the Department of Defense to Use Space-Based Remote Sensing to Support DOD and Other Government Agencies' Environmental Programs
This paper describes the potential for the Department of Defense (DOD) to support other government agencies in the management of national and worldwide environmental programs. The DOD...

Biosphere II - Its Effects on Space Colonization
In the middle of the Arizona desert, a strange sight can be seen. A small world with ecosystems and different climate zones, just like Earth, is enclosed in glass and steel. The 3.15 acre...

EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program: Availability of Broad-Scale Environmental Data and Opportunities for Use in Environmental Modeling Applications
The Environmental Monitoring and Assessment and Program (EMAP) has collected a suite of environmental data over a four year period from estuarine systems in the mid-Atlantic and Gulf of...

Decision Support System for Wetland Development at a Landscape Level

Impacts of Natural and Manmade Changes on the San Luis Rey River Environment
Almost all rivers continually change their position and shape based on various geomorphic and hydraulic factors, caused by natural as well as manmade activities on the riverine environment....

The Role of Partnering and Public Involvement in the Lackawanna River Corridor Greenway Study
Development of partnerships and active public involvement programs has, in the past, been de-emphasized for the more traditional Corps studies. However, as the Corps continues to progress...

Water Polishing by Constructed Wetland Ecosystems
This paper gives results of a five-year study of minerals and nutrients reduction in a large constructed wetland facility in Central Florida, on the periphery of Orlando. The 120 ha system...

A Survey of Stormwater Infiltration Basins in the Puget Sound Region
A survey of 23 infiltration basins in the Puget Sound area was conducted to gain information on the performance of these systems and the degree of compliance with state agency guidelines....

Long-Term Evolution of the Biosphere in the Context of High-Level Waste Repository





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