Technologies to Speed Earthwork Compaction Control

Automated Data Collection for Earthwork Estimating

Grading, Paving and Drainage for Mina Raysut Container Terminal

Simulating Wireless Radio Communications in Earthwork Construction

Structural Fills: Design, Construction and Performance Review

Strength of Gap-Graded Gravelly Soils

Dynamic Compaction Used as a Winter Construction Expedient

Grading Design Using CADD: Denver International Airport Roadways
Using the terminal access roadway site for the new Denver International Airport as an example, this paper outlines a method for automating the preparation of grading plans and computation...

Computerized Irrigation Project Earthwork Design
A procedure was developed to perform earthwork optimization and land-leveling design for irrigation projects using aerial photogrammetry, a microcomputer and civil engineering computer...

Construction of TINS from Borehole Data

Pelton Landslide: An Unusual Double-Wedge Failure

Strength of Compacted Frozen Fill After Thawing

Marginal Wharf and Embankments—Construction Experience

Proposal for Combining Expert Systems and Canal Design
Expert Systems can be combined with a computer aided design methodology to develop a cost effective canal system. The System should consider a feasible set of design alternatives to satisfy...

Frozen Gravel: A Study of Compaction and Thaw-Settlement Behavior

Section Seven—Case Histories in Seasonal Frost Areas

Section Five—Construction Materials and Field Placement

Models of Border Irrigation for Flat Clayey Soils
Border irrigation is widely used for irrigating pastures in south-east Australia. Inadequate earthworks, design and operation of irrigation layouts have been major causes of waterlogging...

Geotechnical Construction Control Data Base Package
A data base can be defined as pieces or groups of data stored together in an orderly form such that access to all or any part of the data can be readily accomplished. A computerized data...

Earthwork and Resource Estimation on Large Expedient Projects
A computer-aided technique is being developed for planning, design, estimating, and scheduling of horizontal construction for facilities required to support military operations. This technique...





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