Railway Geotechnical Asset Management in Great Britain: How Modern-Day Techniques Help Monitor Railway Infrastructure Dating to the 1800s
This article discusses asset management, risk management, and earthworks failures as experienced by Network Rail (NR), the owner, operator, and asset manager of the majority of the rail network of Great...

GeoTechTools – Your Ground Modification Website: Solutions for Improved Decision Making and Risk Mitigation
An immense web-based toolbox for the engineering and construction of earthworks is now available at GeoTechTools.org. This exciting collection...

Condition Indices, Performance Measures, and Managing Performance Data for Geotechnical Asset Management – Don't Get Buried!
Why don't transportation agency assets like pavements, bridges, and earthwork have a Check Engine light? Why can't you simply pull up the complete history and...

Technologies to Speed Earthwork Compaction Control

Grading, Paving and Drainage for Mina Raysut Container Terminal

Simulating Wireless Radio Communications in Earthwork Construction

Automated Data Collection for Earthwork Estimating

Structural Fills: Design, Construction and Performance Review

Earthworks and Foundation Treatment at Delta Port Container Terminal, Vancouver, B.C.

Strength of Gap-Graded Gravelly Soils

Quality Management of Earthwork Using Knowledge-based Systems
Earthwork is an integral part of many construction projects. It involves cleaning of the site, loading and spreading of soil, and soil compaction and leveling. Heterogeneous orientation...

Dynamic Compaction Used as a Winter Construction Expedient

Grading Design Using CADD: Denver International Airport Roadways
Using the terminal access roadway site for the new Denver International Airport as an example, this paper outlines a method for automating the preparation of grading plans and computation...

Construction of TINS from Borehole Data

Pelton Landslide: An Unusual Double-Wedge Failure

Pumping Oil, Treating Soil
Oil was discovered on hilltop land in Signal Hill, Calif., in 1921, setting off one of the most wild land rushes the state has ever seen. Some 70 years and 20,000 oil wells later, the...

Excavation System for Lunar Base Construction

Instant Design
The evolution of computer software and automation is clearly changing site analysis and design: The time needed to create plans has been radically reduced, myriad design options can now...

Strength of Compacted Frozen Fill After Thawing

Frozen Gravel: A Study of Compaction and Thaw-Settlement Behavior





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