Errata for "AI Makes Quick Work of Earthquake Damage Assessment"

Calibration of Jackup Leg Foundation Model Using Full-Scale Structural Measurements
The fitness of jack-up rigs to operate in varying water depths and weather conditions is determined by "site-specific" structural assessments. These assessments are conducted by a wide range of companies...

A Rectilinear Force Generator For Full Scale Vibration Testing

High Explosive Simulation of Earthquake-Like Ground Motions

Dynamic Interaction of Liquid Storage Tanks and Foundation Soil

Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Methods

A Fault-Rupture Propagation Model for Ground Motion Simulation

Earthquake Protection of Building Equipment and Systems: Bridging the Implementation Gap, By Jeffrey A. Gatscher, Gary L. McGavin, and Philip J. Caldwell. Reston, Virginia: ASCE Press, 2012

Landslides Triggered by 2011 Tohoku Pacific Earthquake: Preliminary Observations

A Tale of Two Earthquakes and One City

Performance-Based Design: Concepts in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Research Using a Large Centrifuge

Predicting the Unpredictable: The Tumultuous Science of Earthquake Prediction By Susan Hough. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press

Behavior of Soft Clays under Earthquake Loading Conditions

Book Review: Apocalypse: Earthquakes, Archaeology, and the Wrath of God, by Amos Nur with Dawn Burgess. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2008.

Size and Scale Effects on the Shear Strength of Concrete Beams
This paper identifies and discusses the role of proper geometric scale of relevant parameters in the size effect in shear, particularly in terms of practical beam design. In the overall...

Book Review: Richter's Scale: Measure of an Earthquake, Measure of a Man by Susan Elizabeth Hough. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2007

Geotechnical Effects from the October 15, 2006 Kiholo Bay and Hawi, Hawaii Earthquakes

The Alaskan Way Viaduct Project: An Example of Geologic and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Practice in the Pacific Northwest

Inelastic Analysis of Fixed Offshore Platforms for Earthquake Loading





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