FHWA Pooled-Fund Geotechnical Research: An Update

Who, What, Where, and Why? - Test Your Knowledge of Engineering History

GIS and Remote Sensing Trends In Geo-Engineering

Who, What, Where, and Why? - Test Your Knowledge of Engineering History

150 Years of Geotechnical Design & Construction

Karl Terzaghi's Legacy in Geotechnical Engineering

A Brief History of Environmental Geotechnics

Focusing on geotechnical projects that use unique techniques and innovative processes, the magazine provides the everyday, real world details that geotechnical professionals need to know. Geo-Strata is...

Geoscience and Geotechnical Aspects

Watershed Management Education at The University of Arizona
Watershed management education at the University of Arizona is described and discussed in the perspective of other educational programs, and national and international activity. The Watershed...

How the Impacts of Urbanization Are Being Addressed in the Los Angeles River Watershed
Due to an increased interest and concern about the Los Angeles urban environment, studies have begun to focus on the local water cycle and the impact of impervious land on the Los Angeles...

Investigation of Flood Protection from Alluvial Fan Flows and Minimizing Impacts to a Sensitive Habitat Preserve: Whitewater River Basin, Coachella Valley, California
The study describes and evaluates (1) the baseline conditions to hydrology, hydraulics, wind transport of sand, sediment transport by fluvial process, the environment, economics, and (2)...

The Power of the Press Release
Small businesses often find it is difficult to obtain the same kinds of news coverage that larger firms receive. But a simple process of establishing a media contact list and generating...

The Future of Airports
Through a series of meetings and surveys, professionals involved in the design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of airports throughout the United States and Canada have identified...

Preparing for a Slowdown
The economy may not be heading for a downturn, but it is likely to slow in 2001 if early results are any indication. Smaller businesses are often hardest hit by slower growth, but there...

Response Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frames in Railroad Viaducts Damaged by the Hyogo-Ken-Nanbu Earthquake

Ulitmate Behavior of R/C Bearing Walls: Experiment and Modeling

Transverse Reinforcement Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Ielastic Shear Reversals: A Summary of Two Different Approaches

Control of Residual Displacements of RC Piers by Prestressing

Shoring Up Coastal Engineering
Half of Americans live within 50 mi (80 km) of the coast, although it is becoming increasingly risky and expensive to do so. The importance of ports to the global economy coincides with...





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