A CAD-Based Simulation Tool for Earthmoving Construction Method Selection

A Neural Network Impedance Learning Control Model for a Robotic Excavator

Adaptive Self-Tuning Control of Excavators

Controlled Excavation Along a Prescribed Path

Constructing Simulation Models Around Resources Through Intelligent Interfaces

Simulation in the Alberta Construction Industry

An Artificial Neural Network Approach to Allocating Construction Resources
This paper presents an approach to alleviate the problem of depending upon human expert in allocating construction resources. This approach is using artificial neural networks to capture...

Application of Neural Networks in Earthmoving Equipment Production Estimating

Mobile Continuous Lunar Excavation
The purpose of this paper is to explore the two main problems regarding current approaches to lunar mining and to recommend three candidate solutions which will be shown to have potentially...

Earthflow Evaluation and Control: A Case History

Multiloader-Truck Fleet Selection Using Simulation

Laboratory Research on Lunar Excavation

Sensors and Expert Systems in Production Optimization of Earthmoving Scrapers

Expert System/Simulation Integration for Modeling Construction Operations

Two Microcomputer Programs for Heavy Construction Equipment Productivity and Cost Evaluation

Earthmoving in the Lunar Environment
This paper analyzes the lunar 'earthmoving' process with inputs, outputs, and external conditions acting upon it. Lunar environmental conditions such as temperature,...

The Past, Present & Future of Earthmoving Scrapers
This paper is a summary of the history and development and use of earthmoving scrapers. It will also take a look at the future of this type of machine. We'll build the discussion...

Low Level Artificial Intelligence and Computer Simulation to Plan and Control Earthmoving Operations
This paper describes an advanced computerized method for designing an optimized earth distribution plan for a linear earthmoving project. Modeling and computerized simulation offer a quantitative...

Earthmoving and Heavy Equipment
These proceedings are comprised of technical papers, reports, remarks, and discussions presented at the Specialty Conference on Earthmoving and Heavy Equipment in Tempe, Arizona, on February...

Construction Estimating Decision Support Systems
A discussion of important considerations in the development of a computerized Decision Support System (DSS) is presented. These considerations include general hardware and software issues...





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