Seismic Analysis of Buried Flexible Pipes

Seismic Ground Motion Studies for Assessing Failure Probability of an Earth Dam

Calculation of the Seismic Risk of an Earth Dam Susceptible to Liquefaction

Blasting In and Adjacent to Concrete at Buffalo Bill Dam

Blasting a Breach in an Old Concrete Dam to Channel Water into a New Powerplant

Rock Dam Revitalization
Sometimes restoring an area to a natural appearance requires a little artificial help. When the city of Longmont, Colo., began creating the St. Vrain Greenway, a park and recreation area...

Remedial Grouting of Dworshak Dam

High Flow Reduction in Major Structures: Materials, Principles, and Case Histories

Lessons from the Failure of the LS Hydroelectric Power Project Dam

The Inland Empire Section: ASCE and the Grand Coulee Dam National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Ceremony

Embedded Sensors for Improved Early-Warning Emergency Response to Damaged Structures

Regionalization of Annual Precipitation Maxima in Montana

Creating of a Data Base of Small Earth Dam for Natural Disaster Reduction

Flood Protection Using Inflatable Dams

Dam Engineers Go Over the Top
In the 1980s, dam engineers with the Lower Colorado River Authority worried that the Wirtz Dam, near Austin, Texas, would fail in the event of a maximum probable flood. They looked to...

Risk Management at Wahleach Dam
In a first-of-its-kind application, engineers used risk analysis to make event-driven design decisions to evaluate dam safety improvements at Canada's Wahleach Dam in British...

Planning for Recreation at Wolford Mountain Reservoir

An Innovative Best Management Practice System for a Recreational Farm in Taiwan

Flash Flood Forecasting

Multiobjective Planning of Regional Stormwater Detention Systems





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