Seismic Retrofit Analysis of a Homogeneous Earthfill Dam

An Embankment on Soft Clay With an Adjacent Cut

Analysis of Slope Failure and Remedial Design of an Earth Dam

Performance of an Embankment Dam With Partial Cutoff

Stability Evaluation of an Old Dam With a Known History of Slide

Stability Evaluations for Old Water Supply Dams in Pennsylvania

Stabilization of Tablachaca Dam Landslide

Rockfill Dams: Steel-Faced Dam (Paper introduced by J. Barry Cooke)

A Current Review of Experience with Asphaltic Concrete Impervious Membranes on the Upstream Slope of Earth and Rockfill Dams
At some sites where an earth or earth-rock dam is being considered, studies may indicate that the most economical and satisfactory dam would be obtained with a pervious embankment of soil...

Earthquake Considerations in Earth Dam Design
In 1963, the writer was engaged by the State of California Department of Water Resources to make a study of the influence of the hazard of earthquakes on the design of embankment type...

Piping in Earth Dams of Dispersive Clay (Paper introduced by Norman L. Ryker)
In 1971 Jim Sherard was engaged to investigate the common failure of a group of Soil Conservation Service (SCS) floodwater retarding earthfill dams built between 1957 and 1970, eleven...

Hydraulic Fracturing in Low Dams of Dispersive Clay (Paper introduced by Norman L. Ryker)

Embankment Dam Cracking (Paper introduced by Ronald C. Hirschfeld and Steve J. Poulos)

Potentially Active Faults in Dam Foundations (Paper introduced by Clarence R. Allen)

Sinkholes in Dams of Coarse, Broadly Graded Soils (Paper introduced by Jean Lafleur)

Piezometers in Earth Dam Impervious Sections (Paper introduced by R. W. Beene and Clifford LeRoy McAnear)

Trends and Debatable Aspects in Embankment Dam Engineering (Paper introduced by Edward B. Perry)

Filters and Leakage Control in Embankment Dams (Paper introduced by Lorn P. Dunnigan)

Hydraulic Fracturing in Embankment Dams (Paper introduced by Edward B. Perry)

The Upstream Zone in Concrete-Face Rockfill Dams





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