History of Water Power on the Kansas River

Methods for Appraising International Projects

A Case History of the Cabinet Gorge Dam Analysis

Stress Analysis in Concrete with Cooling Pipes
A substructure method of finite element analysis is adopted in this paper to simulate heat transfer and thermal stresses in a concrete dam. The massive concrete structure is cooled by...

Hydrologic and Structural Considerations for the Initial Filling of Jiguey Dam, Dominican Republic
This paper describes the hydrologic and structural considerations of the initial filling of Jiguey Dam which is locate on the Rio Nizao about 100 kilometers west-northwest of Santo Domingo...

Determination of Pulsating Pressures for Baldhill Dam, N.D. Spillway
Model tests of the existing Baldhill Spillway were conducted with symmetrical and asymmetrical gate openings to determine for various flow conditions the characteristics of the hydraulic...

The Demolition of Mussers Dam

Dam Modification for Recreational Boating

Victoria Dam Rehabilitation

Case History of Sherman Island Hydro Buttress Dam

A New Type of Concrete Trapezoid Dam
A new type of 128.0 m height concrete trapezoid dam (t-d) has been built for the Wunana Town Hydroelectric Power Station (WTHPS). The paper presents its optimum section design, several...

Numerical Prediction of Aeration in Hydroturbine Draft Tubes

Modification of the Stilling Basin at Arthur R. Bowman Dam, Oregon to Reduce Dissolved Gas Supersaturation

Numerical Modeling of Withdrawals at Large Dams

Hydraulic Risk of Flood Disaster Reduction at Dams

Hydraulics of Dams from a Military Perspective

Steady and Unsteady Flow Profiles in Reclamation

Overtopping Protection Alternatives for Dams

Overtopping Protection Using Roller-Compacted Concrete

Innovative Spillway Designs





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