Progressive Failure of an Overtopped Embankment
The failure of an overtopped embankment is a problem of a very complicated nature. Concerned organizations are interested in information that can be used in future planning and development...

Assessing the True Value of Flood Control Reservoirs: The Experience of Folsom Dam in the February 1986 Flood
Over the last 40 years considerable public investments have been made in large flood control storage reservoirs throughout the U.S. and internationally. These projects were typically designed...

Hydropeaking versus Recreation and Environment-The Power Economic Impacts of the Glen Canyon Trade-off

Long Term Hydroacoustic Evaluations of a Fixed In-Turbine Fish Diversion Screen at Rocky Reach Dam on the Columbia River, Washington

Snake Reservoir Drawdown: A Progress Report

Comparison of Hydroacoustic and Net Catch Estimates of Fish Entrainment at Tower and Kleber Dams, Black River, Michigan

Research Update on the Eicher Screen at Elwha Dam

Dissolved Oxygen Analysis for Hydropower Additions on the Illinois River

The Endangered Species Act: Unlawful Takings and an Incidental Take Permit

Hydropower Studies in the Genesee River Basin, NY

Structural and Hydrologic Considerations for the Flooding Reservoir Operations of Jiguey Dam, Dominican Republic

Cabinet Gorge Arch Dam Finite Element Analysis

Conceptual Design and Physical Model Testing of the White River Diversion Dam

Two Reservoir Regulation Model for Small Hydro Developments

Soda Dam: Benefits in Performing Three-Dimensional Analysis of a Concrete Gravity Dam

FERC's Evolving Policy on Three Dimensional Stability Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams

Computer Aided Design of Drainage Systems for Dams

Modification at Hiwassee Dam due to Concrete Growth Problems

Dam Safety Inspection of Spillway and Sluice Gate Operating Machinery at TVA Dams

Dam Safety of Hydroelectric Projects in Thailand





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