Decision Analysis: Lake Almanor and Butt Valley Dams

Key Design and Construction Features of Sanchung Pumped-Storage Power Project, Korea

Piezometer Assessments of Grenada Dam Outlet Structure Lead to Innovative Rehabilitations

Case Study: Lesson and Probabilistic Determination on Eroded Earth Spillway Rehabilitation

Influence of Backwater on Headcut Advance
A study was performed to examine the influence of backwater level downstream of an overfall on headcut advance. The discharge, overfall height, and soil type were held constant while varying...

Inundation Studies in Case of Failure of King Talal Dam
In this paper a brief description of the studies is presented and the computed results are summarized. During running the program, several difficulties were encountered. These problems...

Studies on the Erosion of a Compacted Soil
In the management of water there are certain applications in which compacted soil is used (i.e., dams, embankments, levees, spiliways, and channels). Engineers rely primarily on field...

Integrated Facility Information Systems: Total Information Access
This paper will attempt to fill the void in computer information handling with regards to facility management information by providing those in the water industry with tips and suggestions...

Anchoring a Landfill Expansion
Design of a grading plan for a landfill expansion in Los Angeles County was complicated by slopes with adverse bedding planes, permitting stipulations and property setbacks. Flattening...

High Density Polyethylene Pipe under High Fill: A Continuing Study

Stability of a Steep Slope Supporting a Building

The Reliability Analysis of a Major Dam Project

Deterministic and Probabilistic Analyses of Preload Design at a Hydraulic Fill Site

Dam Construction in Northern Environment: A Numerical Study

Earthquake-Induced Ground Settlements of Bridge Abutment Fills

In Situ Measurement of Rockfill Properties

Earth Reinforcement and Soil Structures
Few subjects in recent years have raised the general interest and imagination of the Civil Engineering profession as the concept of reinforcing soil. The basic simplicity of the principles...

Geoenvironmental Challenges at the Old Dominion Sanitary Landfill and Resource Management Facility

Earthworks and Foundation Treatment at Delta Port Container Terminal, Vancouver, B.C.

Pavements for a Container Terminal on a Dynamically Compacted Hydraulic Fill, Port of Voltri, Italy





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