An Embankment on Soft Clay With an Adjacent Cut

Design of the Charter Oak Bridge Embankments

Performance of Test Fill Constructed on Soft Peat

Analysis of Slope Failure and Remedial Design of an Earth Dam

Stability Evaluations for Old Water Supply Dams in Pennsylvania

Deformation of Fill Slopes Caused by Wetting

Long Term Behavior of Urban Fill Embankments

Biotechnical Stabilization of Cut & Fill Slopes

Rockfill Dams: Steel-Faced Dam (Paper introduced by J. Barry Cooke)

Earthquake Considerations in Earth Dam Design
In 1963, the writer was engaged by the State of California Department of Water Resources to make a study of the influence of the hazard of earthquakes on the design of embankment type...

The Upstream Zone in Concrete-Face Rockfill Dams

Concrete-Face Rockfill Dam: I. Assessment (Paper introduced by J. Barry Cooke)

Concrete-Face Rockfill Dam: II. Design (Paper introduced by J. Barry Cooke)

Seismic Analysis and Design of Lined Waste Fills: Current Practice

A Monumental Task
The geotechnical consultants, structural engineer and contractor combined to overcome difficult soils, underground subway structures and buried utilities when building the foundations...

Measured Fill Performance at Berths 212-215 in the Port of Los Angeles
This paper summarizes the performance of an instrumentation fill constructed in open water in the Port of Los Angeles (Port). A new container-handling facility was constructed that consisted...

Earthquake Damage Repair and Retrofit of the Seventh St. Terminal Port of Oakland
The October 17, 1989 earthquake resulted in the collapse of the two-level Cypress St. Freeway in Oakland. Television and newspaper coverage revealed the tragic loss of life and property...

Historic Seawalls of the Boston Harbor, Massachusetts Region: Evolution, Construction and Repair
The earliest seawalls in the Boston region were of crib construction. Cobb cribs had an open framework and could readily be floated into position and sunk with rock from local sources....

Scrap Tires Used in Rubber-Modified Asphalt Pavement and Civil Engineering Applications

Utilization of Carbide Lime Waste in Asphaltic Concrete Mixes





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