Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction Behavior in Submerged Sands

In-Situ Testing Methods for Dynamic Properties of MSW Landfills

Geotechnical Considerations in the Seismic Response Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

Slip Displacements of Geosynthetic Systems under Dynamic Excitation

Concrete Armor Unit Performance--A Look at the Nawiliwili Breakwater

Modeling Schedule Behavior of Buses

Finite-Element Analysis of Flexible Pavements with Discontinuities

Continuous Deflection Basin Measurement and Backcalculation Under a Rolling Wheel Load Using Scanning Laser Technology

Static and Dynamic Properties of Gravelly Soils
The behavior of gravelly soils has been the focus of much research in recent years. Large-scale penetration and triaxial tests, shear-wave velocity measurements, insitu freezing and sampling,...

Uniform Fluid Induction Through Perforated Conduits

Eddy Pump Dredging: Does it Produce Water Quality Impacts?

Modeling of a Compost Biofilter Incorporating Microbial Growth

Experimental Verification of Hydraulic Robot for Remote Handling of HLNW

Simulation of the Random Vibration of Slab Formwork During Concrete Placement

Semi-Active Tuned Mass Dampers with Nonlinear Control

Random Vibration Analysis of Dynamic Systems with Frequency Dependent Parameters or Fractional Derivatives

Teaching Turbulence in a Graduate CFD Course

Pavements for a Container Terminal on a Dynamically Compacted Hydraulic Fill, Port of Voltri, Italy

Statistics by Simulation from Second-Order Models for Responses of Floating Structures

A Fiber Beam Element for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures





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