Hydraulic Transient Analysis in a Large Water Transmission System

Engineering Mechanics
This proceedings, Engineering Mechanics: Proceedings of the 10th Conference, contains papers presented at the Conference held in Boulder, Colorado,...

Lessons Learned from the Pit 3 Dam Interim Instream Flow Release System

DYNPRO—An Aid For Short-Term Operation of a Cascade of Hydropower Stations

Predicting 3-D Flows at Lateral Water Intakes

Complete Operational Simulation of Pumped Storage Schemes

Transverse Seismic Analysis of Buried Pipelines

3–D Seismic Response of Buried Pipelines Laid Through Fault

Seismic Responses of Pipelines Laid Through Alluvial Valleys

3-D Seismic Damage Evaluation for a Conventional Highway Bridge

Spectral Characteristics of Vertical Ground Motion in the Northridge and Other Earthquakes

The Canal de Provence Dynamic Regulation System: A Safe and Suitable Process for Operating Water Conveyance Structures

Application of Wetlands Model to Cache River, Arkansas

Fall Velocity of Sea Shells as Coastal Sediment

Effects of Particle Packing on Bedload Motion

Boundary Element Computations of Transient 3D Shallow Water Circulation

Sediment Particle Motions in the Wall Region of a Turbulent Boundary Layer

Calibration Using Inverse Transient Analysis

Initial Assessment of an Algorithm for the Transient Simulation of Ground-Water Levels Resulting from the Expansion and Contraction of a Reservoir

Liquefaction and Dynamic Properties of Grouted Sand





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