Optimization Sensing and Control in Design of Antennas

Computational Aspects of Dynamic Concrete Viscoplasticity

Adaptive Diffuse Element-Finite Element Technique for Transient Analysis in Porous Media

A Review of Dynamic Behavior of Sector Plates and Curved Bridge Decks

Refined Finite Element Analysis of Geomaterials

Overview of Drought Response Strategies
An overview of drought response strategies in the United States is presented. The paper focuses on tactical strategies for mitigating the impacts of drought conditions. A general structure...

Response Spectral Densities of Stochastically Excited Nonlinear Systems

Resonances in Nonlinear Stochastic Systems

The Importance of Maintaining Smooth Airport Pavements

Neural Network Constitutive Models Determined from Structural Tests

Non-Linear Models for Resilient Modulus Characterization of Granular Soils

Comparison of Static and Dynamic Test Results for Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Highly Saline Permafrost

Simulation of Suspended Particles Transport in the Entrance Region of Tube Flow

Pulsatile Flow Circuitry for Dynamic Study of a Volume Plethysmograph

Dynamic Response of Cantilever Retaining Walls

Statistics of Fractional Occupation Time for Nonlinear Stochastic Response

Nonlinear Systems with Poisson White Noise

In-Situ Dynamic Response of Cantilever Walls

Computational Modeling of Fluid Dynamics in Aortopulmonary Shunts: Comparison to In Vitro Studies

Dynamic Through-the Soil Interaction of Adjacent Surface or Buried Structures





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