Dynamics of River Ice Jam Release

Dynamic Mechanical Properties of SBR Modified Asphalt

Characterization of a Nonlinear Polymer-Based Composite Material System

Equilibrium/Control Results and the Approach to Near-Equilibrium of a New Dynamic Micro-Simulation/Assignment Model on a Network Model of York

Two-Dimensional Modeling of River Dynamics for the Expansion of Clover Island, Kennewick, Washington
The Port of Kennewick, Washington, is proposing to redevelop Clover Island as a waterfront village concept. The island is located in the Columbia River between McNary and Priest Rapids...

Numerical Analyses of Reinforced Underground Openings Subjected to Seismic Loadings

Influence of Imperfections on Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Trusses

Response Statistics of Moored Floating Structures Subjected to General Nonlinear Random Wave Forces

Dynamic Effects of Sediment and Foundation on Dam Hydrodynamic Pressure Under Vertical Ground Accelerations

Stochastic Response of a Hysteretic System Under Nonstationary Excitations

Probabilistic Seismic Analysis Including Soil-Structure Interaction

System Dynamics and Modified Cumulant Neglect Closure Schemes

An Analysis of Characteristics of Basset Force on Particles Accelerating in Arbitrary Flow Field
In present study of solid-liquid two phase flow, the effect of Basset force on a particle moving unsteadily in a non-uniform flow is not very clear. For this reason, the properties of...

Experimental Study of Seismic Response of Structures with Semi-Active Damping Control Systems

Use of Neural Networks for Fluid Resistance Prediction

Forensic Evaluation of Guyed Tower Collapses

Dynamic Response Analysis of High Arch Dam-Water-Foundation System

Statistical Seismic Responses of Structures using Response Spectrum Matching Technique

The Influence of Turbulence Closure Strategy on Numerical Modeling of Shallow Water Tides

Response of Building Systems with Rocking Piers and Flexible Diaphragms





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