On Moment Stability of Markov Dynamical Systems

Reliability of Jackets: Beyond-Static-Capacity

Inflated Contour Approach for Deepwater Tendon Design

Wave Induced Reaction Forces and Tension in TLP Tendons

Ocean Environment Contours for Structural Response Analysis and Experiment Design

Reliability Analysis of Nonlinear Structures Using Stochastic Finite Elements

Seismic Motion Incoherency Effects on Dynamic Response

Nonlinear SDOF System Subject to Poisson-Distributed Pulse Process

An Overview of Techniques for Analyzing a System Modelled as a Duffing Oscillator Driven by Deterministic and Stochastic Excitations

Strongly Nonlinear Stochastic Response of a System with Random Initial Imperfections

Response Cumulants of Nonlinear Systems Subject to External and Multiplicative Excitations

A Simulation Procedure for First Passage Problems of Nonlinear Structures

Hysteretic Response and Structural Reliability

Approximated Correlations Response of Nonlinear Systems Under Normal White Noise Inputs

Stochastic Dynamics of Non-Linear Systems Excited by Parametric Delta Correlated Processes

Random Response of Nonlinear System to PERPM Model

Method of Non-Linear Stochastic Dynamics - A Comparative Discussion

Reliability of Ocean Structure Using Spectrum-Consistent Excitation

Statistical Dynamics of Pipe-Line with One-Side Contact Supports Under Turbulence of Cross-Wind Loads

Characterization of Granular Material by Low Strain Dynamic Excitation and ANN





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