Pipe Characteristics
Microtunneling pipe should meet the following general requirements: Circular shape with a flush outside surface (including at the joints); Strength sufficient to withstand both the installation...

GEER Response to the Oso Landslide: Documenting Perishable Details Helps Turn Disaster into Knowledge
Two months after the disastrous March 22, 2014 landslide near Oso, Washington, GEER representatives visited the affected area to gather data. This article is based on the report generated...

Dynamic Shearing Properties Of Compacted Clay
A series of 116 Q-type triaxial compression tests was performed using specimens of Goose Lake clay compacted at water contents ranging from 9 percent dry of optimum to 3 percent on the...

Pile-Driving Formulas for Friction Piles in Sand
Dynamic pile-driving formulas are widely used in predicting the load-carrying capacity of friction piles and in writing pile-driving specifications. Further, when load tests are available,...

Design and Installation of Auger Steel Catenary Risers
The Auger export pipelines are connected to the TLP by steel catenary risers (SCRs). This is believed to be the first time steel pipe has been used for catenary risers. SCRs offer advantages...

Development and Use of Force Pulse Train Generators

A Fault-Rupture Propagation Model for Ground Motion Simulation

Dynamics of Low-Profile Ship Loading Container Cranes

Interactive Graphics Dynamic Analysis of Frames

Dynamic Stability of Statically Pre-Loaded Systems

Dynamic Analysis of Equipment Structure Systems

Hybrid Modelling of Seismic Structure Interaction

Dynamic Interaction of Liquid Storage Tanks and Foundation Soil

A Rectilinear Force Generator For Full Scale Vibration Testing

Engineering Approximations for the Dynamic Behavior of Deeply Embedded Foundations

Calculated Examples of Long-Span Bridge Response to Wind

Dynamic Torsional Response of Symmetric Structures

Dynamic Response of Laterally-Loaded Piles in Centrifuge

Interaction Effects of Reactor System and Its Supports

Wind Loading and Response of a High-Rise Building





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