Time Effects on Pile Skin Resistance

Resistance of Wood Members and Connections to Dynamic Loading

Evaluation of Bridge Strengthening Measures Using Forced Vibration Tests

Applications of CFD Flow Modelling in Building Design

Numerical Modeling of Wind-Structure Interactions

Computational Model for Wind-Induced Pressure Underneath Paver Roofing Systems

Comparison of Flow Around Circular Cylinder Using FE and FD Procedures

An Overview of Field Experiments on a Low-Rise Building

Area-average Wind Pressures on a Low-rise Building

Wind Loads for Low-Rise Buildings on Escarpments

Class of Masing Models for Plastic Hysteresis in Structures

Modeling the Dynamic Nonlinear Response of Single Piles

Seismic Behavior of Precast Parking Structure Diaphragms

Design and Implementation of Nonlinear Control Strategies

Comparison of LQR and H Algorithms for Vibration Control of Structures in Seismic Zones

Energy Dissipation Devices in Bridges using Hydraulic Dampers

A Comprehensive Relational Database of Structural Damping Data

Blasting Densifies Volcanic Debris (Available only in Focus on Geo/Environmental Special Issue)
The relatively new ground improvement technology of blast densification overcame soil problems posed by volcanic ash at Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. In 1993 WSDOT began...

Parallel Structural Analysis with Computers and Engineers

Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis from Research to Practice





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