Lateral Spread Earth Pressures on Drilled Shafts

Characteristic Percentile of Soil Strength for Dynamic Analyses

Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
The Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering covers the broad area of practice known as geotechnical engineering. Papers are welcomed on topics such as foundations, retaining structures,...

Train/Vehicles Wind-Induced Hazard and Its Mitigation

Dynamic and Quasi-Static Design of High-Rise Buildings Subjected to Wind Loads

Flood Protection Using Inflatable Dams

Computer Analysis, Vincent Thomas Bridge

Monumental Restorations
Modern nondestructive field surveys and state-of-the-art static dynamic monitoring systems provide important information for historical renovations while ensuring that the structure remains...

A Policy to Charge for Fire Flow Information

Development of a Wind Load Cycle for Testing Commercial Building Envelopes

Dynamic Response of Towers of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Dynamic Behavior of Guyed Towers Under Wind Loads

Shake Table for Dynamic Testing of Guyed Towers

Equivalent Static Load Method for Seismic Analysis of Lattice Telecommuncation Towers

Fracture and Ductility of Welded Moment Connections Under Dynamic Loading

Dynamic Material Behavior

Overview of Recommended Guidelines for Wind Loads on Petrochemical Facilities

Internal Wind-Pressure Comparisons for a Full-Scale and Model Building

Cyclic Performance of Wood Truss Joints

Japanese Damping Database





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