The Downhole Freestanding Shear Device Concept

Modeling of Cohesive Soil Subject to Cyclic Loading Using Disturbed State Concept

Problems Associated with Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading During Earthquakes

Liquefaction of Silts and Silt-Clay Mixtures

Validation of Site Characterization Method for the Study of Dynamic Pore Pressure Response

Site Response Analyses of Vertical Excitation

Surface Motion Above an Arbitrarily Shaped Tunnel Due to Elastic SH Waves

Seismic Deformation Analysis of the Upper San Fernando Dam Under the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake

Nonlinear Seismic Effective Stress: Dam-Foundation Interaction

Remediation of Embankment Liquefiable Foundation by Densification

Dynamic Behavior of Unsaturated Soil Embankments

Stability Analysis of the Fill Embankment Damaged by Recent Two Major Earthquakes in Hokkaido, Japan

Modeling Geosynthetic Liners in Dynamic Response Analysis of Landfills

A Study of Slip Displacements Caused by Dynamic Loading at Geosynthetic Interfaces

Earth Pressures on Rigid Walls During Earthquakes

Effect of Flexural Stiffness on Static and Dynamic Behavior of Cantilever Retaining Walls

Analyses of Damaged and Undamaged Pile Foundations in Liquefied Soils During the 1995 Kobe Earthquake

Verification of Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Large Diameter Pile Foundations for the Bay Bridge

Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction for Bridge Abutments on Piles





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