Pile Load Test Program—Kwajalein Drydock

Interim Pier 400 Landfill Status Report

Propagation Property of Dynamic Pressure Through Reclaimed Sand Behind Caisson-Type Seawalls

Mooring Dynamics Due to Wind Gust Fronts

Examination of Tree Building and Weight Selection Strategies for a Discrete Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model

On the Importance of Understanding Ocean Wave Kinematics for Calculation of Dynamics and Loads on Offshore Structures

Nonlinear Wave Loading and Dynamic Response of Drag-Dominated Offshore Platforms

Spectral Response Surfaces, Designer Waves and the Ringing of Offshore Structures

Forced Motions of a Pneumatic Floating Platform

A Study of Plunging Wave Impact Pressures on Placed Block Revetments

Forecasting Rig Heave for Drilling Operations in Harsh Environments

Long Term Response Analysis of Fixed and Floating Structures

A Response Based Method for Developing Joint Metocean Criteria for Seabed Pipeline Design

Near-Crest Pressure Gradient of Irregular Water Waves Approaching to Break

Analysis of the Roller in Hydraulic Jumps

Shear Instability of the Longshore Current as a Function of Incoming Wave Parameters

Horizontal Large-Eddy Computation of Longshore Currents

Sand Bar Dynamics and Offshore Beach Nourishment

A Behavior Oriented Model for the Evaluation of Long-Term Lagoon-Coastal Dynamic Interaction Along the Po River Delta

Cross-Shore Variability of Infragravity Wave Pressure and Velocities on a Barred Beach





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