Geomorphology of Coastal Sand Dunes, Baldwin County, Alabama

Utilization of Christmas Trees in Dune Restoration

Degradation of Coastal Dune Systems Through Anthropogenic Action

A Review of the South Carolina Method for Establishing Coastal Setback Lines
The location of the setback line will depend to a large extent on the nature of the shoreline. Those areas adjacent to an unstabilized tidal inlet and affected by coastal processes at...

Quality Changes of River Rhine and Meuse Water Upon Basin Recharge in the Netherlands' Coastal Dunes: 30 Years of Experience
A wide spectrum of quality changes of river Rhine and Meuse water is presented, on a global scale after pre-treatment, dune infiltration and post-treatment. Attention is focussed on the...

Interaction of Large Depression Storage with an Aquifer
In the south-western part of Ghaggar basin, there exist an isolated but interconnected series of nineteen aeolian sand dune depressions in Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan (India) which...

Deepwell Infiltration in the North-Holland Dune Area
Deep well infiltration now generally is considered the cue for the future extensions of artificial ground water recharge in or outside the dunes. The Provincial Waterworks of North-Holland...

Grain Structure of Sand Dunes and Its Relation to Their Water Content (1938)

A Model for Beach and Dune Profile Changes Near Dune Revetments

Structure of Air Flow Over Sand Dunes and Its Effect on Eolian Sand Transport in Coastal Regions

Dynamics of a Coastal Foredune Blowout at Island Beach State Park, NJ

Aeolian Processes—A Long-Term Coastal Sediment Transport Mechanism

Numerical Analysis of Swash Forces on Dunes

Function of Sand Fences in Controlling Wind-Blown Sand

Behavior of Man-Made Beach and Dune, Grand Isle, Louisiana

Prototype Investigation on Time-Dependent Dune Recession and Beach Erosion

The Importance of Wave Focusing in the Coastal Erosion and Sedimentation Process

Historic Geomorphic Changes on Currituck Spit, NC

Modes, Timing and Volume of Holocene Cross-shore and Aeolian Sediment Transport, Southern Australia

Coastal Dunes for Protection and Sand Resources
Massive mining of dune sand on the north coast of Puerto Rico has impaired the natural ability of the dunes to protect the coast from high waves and long-term erosion. This paper presents...





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