Ecological and Geomorphic Impact of the Destruction of a Coastal Sand Dune System in a Sand Spit
Two main effects of the destruction of the coastal dunes at the sand spit of Estero de Punta Banda, (B.C., Mexico) were studied comparing unaltered and altered adjacent zones, The amount...

Restoration of Coastal Dune Systems in Southern California State Parks
Coastal dune systems in southern California possess little of their historical and biological characteristics. If not completely extirpated by development, then the loss of native plants...

Resilience of Seacoast Bluestem Barrier Island Communities
Natural disturbance is an important force in population and community dynamics and barrier islands are paradigms of disturbance dominated ecosystems. They are formed, shaped, and moved...

Functioning of Multi-Row Sand Fences in Forming Foredunes
Foredunes on sandy beaches are best developed through use of a series of fences by which dune height and width can be controlled. In a previous paper, the authors examined the functioning...

Littoral Dune Transport and Morphology Under a Variable Wind Regime
Most of the large dunes are generally produced by a permanent or quasi-permanent winds. Usually winds present strong concentrations of its directional spectrum around its mean direction....

Morphodynamics of the Isles Dernieres Barrier Shoreline, Louisiana: 1984–1989
An aerial videotape mapping system was used to monitor spatial and temporal variability of the coastal morphology along the Isles Dernieres barrier shoreline. Between 1984 and 1989, nine...

Beach Profile Response to Hurricane Hugo
The impact of hurricane Hugo on the beaches of South Carolina is examined by comparing beach survey data collected during the spring and summer of 1989 with post-storm survey data collected...

Post-Hugo Beach Restoration in South Carolina
Hurricane Hugo caused unprecedented damage and extensive beach erosion in South Carolina on 22 September 1989. One week after Hugo, a plan was prepared to push up an emergency dune along...

Numerical Simulation of Beach Profile Response to Hurricane Hugo
Beach and dune erosion caused by Hurricane Hugo at Myrtle and Debidue Beaches, South Carolina was simulated using an explicit finite-difference cross-shore sand transport numerical mode....

Restoration and Development Guidelines for Ocean Beach Recreation Areas

Grain Size Parameters and Depositional Environments of River, Beach and Coastal Dune Sediments Near Karwar, West Coast of India

Impact of the CZM Act (1972) on New Jersey: Science

Effects of Vehicular Traffic in the Secondary Dunes and Vegetated Flats of South Padre Island, Texas

Martha's Vineyard—An Explosive Situation: Dune Restoration After Removal of UXO

Sediment Budgets and Plant/Wind Interactions

Dune Erosion-Frequency of Storm Occurrence Relationships

Prediction of Beach Fill Response to Varying Waves and Water Level

Remote Sensing Techniques for Harbour and Coastal Observations in Belgium

Shoreline Response to Hurricane Gilbert: Lessons for Coastal Management

Dune Maintenance and Enhancement: A New Jersey Example





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