Beach/Dune Changes on Natural and Developed Coasts

Minimum Energy and Energy Dissipation Rate
The theory of minimum energy and the minimum rate of energy dissipation have been applied to flow around bluff bodies, stability of falling bodies, statics and dynamics of gas bubbles,...

Origin of Step-Pool Systems in Mountain Streams
Mountain streams very often present a step-pool aspect. Antidune formation alone; dispersion and sorting theory or velocity reversal as advocated for the origin of riffle-pool sequences...

Shape and Dimensions of Stationary Dunes in Rivers
The shape and dimensions (length, height) of sand dunes in rivers are calculated by use of the measured bed shear stress distribution downstream a rearward-facing step. The transport of...

Measurement of Porosity in Natural Sand Desposits
The proposed technique enables porosity measurement to be made on undisturbed samples taken from sand deposits. It is based on the impregnation and hardening of sand in the field and the...

Length of Flow Separation over Dunes
Dimensional analysis was used to define the length of the flow saparation for the case of two-dimensional, uniform flow over dunes, which was expressed in terms of bed-form geometry and...

Bed Load Discharge Coefficient
Using dimensional analysis, the bed-load discharge coefficient for the case of two-dimensional flow over dunes is expressed in terms of bed-form geometry and the sand size of the bed material....

Bedform Spacing and Flow Resistance
Experimental work, using rigid bedforms modeled on ripple and dune bedforms developed in sand, shows that the natural spacing of bedforms is that which, for their shape, causes maximum...

Offshore Pipeline Routing: Minimizing Environmental Effects

Human Influence on the Sediment Budget of a Barrier Island

Dune Erosion and Recovery on a Northern Barrier

Managing Coastal Dunes in South Australia

Delineation and Implementation of a Dune Management District

Gravel Barrier Genesis and Management: A Contrast

South Padre Island Coastal Zone Management Study

The Use of Synthetic Fabrics in Coastal Dune Stabilization

Statistical Analysis of Sediment Motions on Dunes
Statistical analyses were done on the movements of bed load particles over alluvial bed forms from data collected in a large laboratory flume at Colorado State University. The bed load...

Steepness of Sedimentary Dunes
A family of curves is determined for the prediction of the steepness of dunes generated by rivers and open channel flows by using field and laboratory data from various sources. The dune...

Planting Guidelines for Dune Creation and Stabilization

Empirical Models of Dune Formation as the Basis for Dune District Zoning





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